Patricia Papernow

Patricia Papernow

Dr. Patricia Papernow is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on "blended families" and post-divorce parenting. Patricia is in her fourth decade of working with, learning about, and teaching others about stepfamily relationships. Her groundbreaking new book, Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships: What Works and What Doesn’t is available at amazon and on her web site,

Patricia is a psychologist in private practice, Clinical Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and a member of the National Stepfamily Resource Center Experts Council. She is the author of many articles and book chapters about stepfamilies and is often interviewed by national and local media. Her 1993 book, Becoming a Stepfamily, remains one of the classics in the field.

Patricia and her second husband, Steve, have been together for almost 18 years. Patricia has a daughter from her first marriage who is now 30. Her three stepchildren from this marriage are in their forties, now married and the parents of 6 grandkids between them.


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