April 19, 2012
    Mediterranean Quinoa Recipe

    This Mediterranean quinoa recipe makes a stupendous meal coupled with Falafels or Carribean Lime Halibut. Cook nutrient-dense quinoa until it’s light and fluffy, dress it with lemon juice and ol…

    Colorful Emerald City Salad with red and green vegetables.
    September 1, 2006
    Colorful Emerald City Salad Recipe

    This colorful Emerald City salad is inspired by the beautiful deli salad at Puget Consumer’s Co-op, Seattle’s beloved chain of natural foods grocery stores. Recipe reprinted with permissio…

    Caribbean Lime Halibut Recipe
    September 1, 2006
    Caribbean Lime Halibut Recipe

    This Caribbean lime halibut recipe is a very easy and delicious way to prepare fish. Pan-frying to start seals the juices in so this is not a dry fish. Three tablespoons of Lime Boost can be substitut…

    Bowl of tikka masala with rice.
    August 31, 2006
    Chicken (or Chickpea) Tikka Masala Recipe

    I love Indian food don’t you? Serve this tikka masala recipe with rice¬†and blanched broccoli¬†to balance out the slightly rich sauce on the chicken. Hold on here. This can be a vegetarian dish …