Second Circumcision

My son was birth but not enough foreskin was taken off. Now three specialists tell me he needs a redo, and it will involve anesthesia and stitches. They say it is routine and it will be done at 6 months of age. Is there anything I need to worry about, or any questions I should ask?

Second Circumcision

Dr. Greene’s Answer:

It must have been an upsetting road to get to this point. Sometimes kids have enough foreskin left that it is almost as if they have not been circumcised, and then you can choose to leave it or circumcise. Sometimes there is extra foreskin left but as a child reaches puberty, the shaft grows more than the foreskin.

But if three specialists are saying this is the kind of in-between where action is important, this is a reasonable time to get it over with. I always like asking, “What are the alternatives?” and finding out what they see as the pros and cons of different options.

The main thing is, I would feel better having the procedure done at a children’s hospital or medical center or with a pediatric anesthesiologist. You’ll probably feel much better once it is done. The surgery itself is pretty brief and simple.

Dr. Alan Greene

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