Today's Pediatric Perspectives

Dr. Alan Greene discussing the increase in food allergies in children

Why are there so many more food allergies today?

You probably already know that our kids are growing up in a pretty tough world, and part of the challenge is being certain what to feed your young ones....

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Young child sitting on his father's shoulders in a green field.

The Promise Within Your Child

Over the course of this week I’ve presented many counter-cultural ideas for fostering a child’s healthiest development, including: opting for imagination and play over reading and writing for the...

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WhiteOut Badges

WhiteOut Badges

Help spread the word and announce your participation with our set of official WhiteOut Badges! Just copy and paste the HTML codes into your blog, MySpace, website, newsletter or...

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Mom and son playing outdoors

Sheltering Childhood Nurtures Your Child

So far this week I’ve focused on how you can support your child’s healthiest brain development. I thought I might spend today’s post discussing the brain-draining effects of Time-Out,...

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Green Apple Glory Green Smoothie

Green-Apple-Glory Green Smoothie

Avocados in smoothies add a creamy richness that’s filled with healthy-fats. Hint: leave the avocado pit in the half you don’t use for this recipe to keep the avocado...

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young girl with fairy wings flying aginst blue sky with cirrus clouds

How Boredom Builds Brains … and Screens Can Drain Brains!

A rhythm of consistency and predictability in everyday life supports a young child’s healthiest brain development. For one thing, it fosters their most robust capacity for self-regulation — a...

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Young girl inspecting a clover in a green field

The Importance of Playing, Puttering, and Pretending

  When our first child was born I was determined to do everything I could to “optimize” his development. This had even begun during my pregnancy, when I listened...

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Mom and Baby Playing - Photo by Haylee Sherwood

Brain-Wise Parenting: The Importance of Relationship & Rhythm

Your Child’s Brain — Built With Love! Yesterday I invited parents to relax about pushing academics for their wee ones, because their best preparation for true intelligence is play....

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An adult size toilet next to a child size toilet. Photo by Leonora Enking.

Is MiraLAX Safe for Children?

In the small print on the side of a bottle of MiraLAX, you’ll learn that it’s recommended by the manufacturer only for people 17 years of age and older...

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How Vitamins, Sunshine and Antibiotics Have Changed Things for Your Kids

I grew up eating very different food than my children eat. I’m not just talking about different items on the menu, but an apples-to-apples comparison of the same foods...

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