Paula Lumbard, Jenna’s Aunt

Paula Lumbard, Jenna's Aunt

Paula Lumbard, Jenna's Aunt

As one of six children, I credit my parents with always supporting each one of our individual skills, talents and interests. Two people who came from hardscrabble backgrounds, through example, taught me how to nurture and pursue my desires. As Hillary Clinton said, “it does take a village to raise a child” and it is my privilege to have Jenna, her sister Lauren, and their mother Linda, in my family of women. I am proud to carry on a family tradition of support and action by producing “Worried Wendy Goes to School“, and now the second Wendy tale.

Jenna and I started emailing each other about eight years ago after a visit when we shared a quiet moment of eye to eye contact and a hug.  She truly moved my heart. We discovered a similar sensibility in our thinking about life and being in the world. Through our weekly, and sometimes daily, emails and her poetry, writing, courage, humor, intellect, and love, Jenna inspires me every single day to do be the best person I can be and to aspire to dream.

And now, through her books and her personal story, I know Jenna can inspire others to do the same.

Jenna Lumbard

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Born with autism, Jenna could not always understand what was said around her. Her hope is to encourage children to soar in spite of any obstacles they may face.


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