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Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort

Susan Comfort spent two decades working for environmental groups like EWG and 1% for the Planet, trying not to let all the bad news get her down. She now promotes the cause of play as the VP for Philanthropy with KaBOOM!, for which she has personal trainers in-house: her 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl.


Blog Posts by Susan Comfort

  • Biking with kids : Terror and Triumph

    Biking with kids: Terror and Triumph

    Every Thursday, it’s bike-to-school day. Every Thursday, I’m terrified of what might happen. Every Thursday, we triumph upon arrival at our charter school, 2.5 miles from my house.

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  • Facing fear: not just for kids anymore

    Facing fear: not just for kids anymore

    As I stepped off the platform onto the first mid-air obstacle, 15’ off the ground, I felt what my daughter feels all the time… “I’m scared!”

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  • The Importance of Child’s Play

    The Importance of Child’s Play

    “Mama, will you play with me?” These six words instantly snap me to attention here, now, in the present. They are usually uttered by my 5-year-old, and usually when I’m buzzing around doing something “important” like cooking, packing or cleaning the litter box.

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  • Oh, How I Miss My Neti Pot

    Oh, How I Miss My Neti Pot

    I’m typing this from 30,000 feet in the air, with a runny nose. All I want is my Neti Pot. I’ve had a two-day allergy attack, no doubt caused by my cats plus the cleaning that I was doing in advance of going on this airplane. Let’s just say I’m getting used to sneezing and […]

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  • An Ode to Oils

    An Ode to Oils

    There are a million lotions and moisturizers out there, but I got tired of the fake fragrances and questionable ingredients and gradually switched to natural oils. 

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  • Non-babyish Gifts for New Parents

    Non-babyish Gifts for New Parents

    Sure, there are plenty of green, child-centered gifts you can get babies, kids and their parents…like an organic onesie with “Mother Sucker” on the front, the fabulous Ergo Baby Carrier, or those adorable socks printed to look like Mary Jane shoes. But, IMHO, the best gifts are the ones that make the parent’s life better […]

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  • Omega 3s & the New Kitchen Vocabulary

    Omega 3s & the New Kitchen Vocabulary

    I love reading about “superfoods” and nutrition – mostly I get reminders to eat more things I already like (did you know watermelon has sky-high levels of lycopene?). Recently, learning about the importance of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 for joint mobility, heart health and cancer prevention, I was even convinced to take fish […]

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