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Sunny Young

Sunny Young

Sunny Young is fresh out Hendrix College and armed with a degree in … African Studies?

After traveling to the great island nation of Madagascar and working on a fair trade vanilla plantation, Sunny’s interest in food policy turned into a passionate career choice.

After graduating, Sunny moved to Boulder, Colorado to join the Renegade Lunch Lady, Chef Ann Cooper, in her mission to change the way kids eat. After a year-long internship with Chef Ann, Sunny was hired to become a Jill of all Trades- working with the Boulder Valley School District’s School Food Project as well as with Chef Ann’s Food Family Farming Foundation and The Lunch Box website which provides free tools and resources to anyone who needs help changing school food.

Sunny (whose real name is Sara) achieved her nickname in college when she played on the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team- the Sugar Gliders. She loves: her job, perusing the farmers market, listening to Bob Dylan, eating delicious foods, and swimming in rivers.


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