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MC Milker

MC Milker

MC Milker is marketing consultant, freelance writer and an advocate of green living.

A well known marketing expert on green and natural products, she has published over 300 articles on eco friendly marketing, parenting and green living. Her work has appeared on the Washington Post green site,; on and in numerous other magazines, blogs and journals.

As a marketing consultant focused on social media, she has helped companies marketing to parents delve into the space with blogs, Twitter IDs and Facebook pages and was the 2008 category green, winner of the Shorty Awards for her Twitter account: @greenmoms.

MC Milker holds an MBA from The Thunderbird School of International Management and worked for many years as a Marketing Manager, Director and consultant, developing products and promotions for such well known names as The Walt Disney Company, Russ Berrie and Mission Foods.

After becoming a parent, however, she suddenly found herself critically analyzing everything she bought for her family and researching every purchase she made. She shares her, often amusing, struggles to find the right balance between green and mainstream on her blog, The Not Quite Crunchy Parent.


Blog Posts by MC Milker

  • The Toy-Buying Rule Of Three

    The Toy-Buying Rule Of Three

    A month or so ago, I received a call asking my thoughts on buying toys. (My first thought was, of course – “no please, we have too many!”) Calming down I was able to briefly discuss the “not-quite-crunchy,” work in progress, philosophy of toys.

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  • They Do What They See

    They Do What They See

    My friend Best made an interesting comment yesterday. She said her 6-year-old son had decided to make a ladder. So, he went to the garage, selected some pieces of wood, nails and a hammer and…did so.

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  • Conflicting Priorities - When Going Green Gets In The Way

    Conflicting Priorities – When Going Green Gets In The Way

    There are a number of articles I’ve read recently that addresse a rising dilemma. Well, perhaps not quite a dilemma yet, maybe it’s just the start of a trend.

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  • How Can I Eat Green If I Don't Know What It Means? Eco Definitions.

    How Can I Eat Green If I Don’t Know What It Means? Eco Definitions.

    Are you as confused as I am by the various different terms sprinkled on packaging these days? It turns out, with a little research I was able to compile a list defining the various different words, logos and certifications that appear on the things we buy, in the stories we read and on the news […]

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  • Healthy School Birthday Treats

    Healthy School Birthday Treats

    Recently, after a prolonged period of “promote the sugar high” my child’s school laid down some rules. Up to that point, to my frustration parents and teachers seem to, on a daily basis, ply the children with candy, cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows and other sweets.

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