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Jill Krause

Jill Krause

Jill Krause is writer and blogger who’s immersed herself in a life of sippy cups, Diego, Mega Bloks and cloth diapers. Once a self proclaimed priss who wanted nothing more than a fast-paced and successful career, with ambitions to become the next Katie Couric, she now enjoys sipping coffee (and sometimes a glass of red wine), watching her toddler son play and taking in the big, little, sweet and funny moments of family life.

Jill blogs about these moments at where her journey began with something more than baby fever.  “Baby Rabies” not only turned her into a maternal being, but also someone increasingly crunchy, eco-friendly, and hyper aware of things like chemicals, carbon footprints, and the ingredients in processed chicken nuggets.

She, her husband Scott and her son Kendall live in the suburbs of Dallas. She’s a marathon runner, and received her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri.


Blog Posts by Jill Krause

  • Holidays Kids and Life

    Holidays, Kids and Life

    There’s a poorly decorated, fake Christmas tree standing in the corner of my living room. It is not the fresh evergreen, decked in frosted glass balls that I dreamed I would have as a grown up. The tree skirt is rumpled into a ball below it. My husband made a train track on a wooden […]

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  • Taking on Toddler Food

    Taking on Toddler Food and Learning to Feed the Whole Family Well

    When you move past purees and on to the world of finger foods or toddler food it’s really not that much different than adult food, except toddlers are, for the most part, picky and unable to tell you exactly what they want. Not to mention, they are messy. They are very, very messy.  And since […]

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  • You Don’t Have To Be a Great Cook To Make Baby food

    You Don’t Have To Be a Great Cook To Make Baby food

    I’m not Julia Child. My cooking doesn’t even compare to a frozen Sara Lee. The vast majority of what I cook is heated in the microwave. But, let me tell you, I am a rock star, domestic goddess when it comes to making baby food.

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  • How Modern Cloth Diapers Work

    How Modern Cloth Diapers Work

    I’m just going to say this now. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of cloth diapering it can be very overwhelming and confusing in the beginning. There are all sorts of abbreviations and acronyms and there is no one right way to do it. Every family finds their own system that […]

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  • Why We Chose to Cloth Diaper

    Why We Chose to Cloth Diaper

    I was introduced to modern cloth diapering early in my pregnancy. I don’t recall exactly how, but one night I stumbled upon a website with a laundry list of links to online stores who sold the cutest little poop collectors I’d ever seen. Yes, admittedly my love for cloth diapers originally grew from their cuteness […]

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  • You Don't Have to be a Hippy to Live Healthy

    You Don’t Have to be a Hippy to Live Healthy

    We didn’t set out to be “these” people.  Three years ago my husband and I were living a blissful urban lifestyle. Shopping was our favorite pastime.  We loved driving around in our brand new SUV with a V8 Hemi engine, which is auto-jargon for “This is really excessive unless you plan on hauling livestock or […]

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