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Jeanine Behr Getz

Jeanine Behr Getz

Jeanine Behr Getz, author and founder of Kids Think Big LLC was born in Brooklyn, New York. Jeanine started putting pencil/crayon to paper early on in second grade, expressing her imaginative ideas through creative writings. She has always found writing to be a treasured outlet. Jeanine attended The Peddie School, Hightstown, New Jersey and Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts.

Jeanine became involved with conservation and preservation via Garden Club of America and National Audubon’s Women in Conservation. She was encouraged to reflect on her life style by the women and men she met who were already on their "green" journey. She was inspired by the passion her mentors shared for making differences that were extremely important for the health of our children and our earth.

Following traditional publishing procedures, Jeanine first introduced the book, Think Green! and the idea to print children’s books "green" four years ago to a few publishers and literary agents but was met with rejection. When Jeanine’s focus group kept asking her to read her book, started understanding the messages and began thinking green on their own, she knew then that Think Green! would make a difference and that ‘kids can think big and act green at any age’. With this in mind and with the encouragement of family, friends and mentors Jeanine formed Kids Think Big LLC with a mission to entertain, educate and empower children of every age, via eco-friendly print and electronic media.

Jeanine researched self publishing, green publishing, illustrators, ink types, eco-friendly paper, and USA printers. She developed a business plan, set budgets, sourced the components of book making, set timelines, production and delivery schedules, developed marketing plans and distribution vehicles and set off to publish Think Green!

Think Green! is Jeanine’s first published book, it has received several awards, fantastic reviews, has appeared on Channel 12 News. Jeanine travels across the country sharing the gift of reading and the message of Think Green! through her author visit program and has read with more than 1,600 children.

Think Green! is the first children’s book to feature its own eco-audit. An eco-audit shows the environmental benefits - savings in trees, water, energy, solid waste, and greenhouse gases - of using post-consumer recycled paper instead of virgin paper. Kids Think Big LLC chose to demonstrate to children (and adults) it’s leadership in green publishing and convey the tangible difference they can make in their everyday decisions. Think Green! is available in many local "green", specialty, nature center, Audubon and select Barnes & Noble stores and on many online "green" stores, Barnes &, and

Jeanine is committed to environmental advocacy locally, nationally and abroad. She works with other organizations to raise awareness and to improve the health of our children and the natural habitats that teach, inspire and sustain us all.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter and pug, Otto. She is currently working on her next book.

Important to know about Think Green! 

Printed in the USA
Printed on post consumer/recycled paper
Printed on chlorine free paper
Printed using soy based inks
A portion of the proceeds are donated to schools and eco-friendly causes

Important to know about Kids Think Big, LLC

Member of Green America
Resources on web site share valuable information
Committed to bringing big ideas to young children via eco-friendly print and electronic media
Always interested in learning from others, sharing ideas to better educate and advocate awareness and healthy change


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