Do Men Have Too Much Estrogen
    January 10, 2014
    Do Men Have Too Much Estrogen?

    And how much is too much? Both men and women make both testosterone and estrogen naturally. But obesity in men has caught up to that in women (just 27% of men were obese 15 years ago, and 25% of women…

    Refuel Your Fertility
    January 9, 2014
    Refuel Your Fertility: Eat Better, Exercise Specifically

    Most people know that men’s sperm counts drop with age. But they don’t know that men’s sperm counts are 35% lower than they were just 25 years ago! About 20% of infertility is because men don’…

    Eat Organic and Why
    January 8, 2014
    15 Foods You Don’t Have to Eat Organic and Why

    Every bit of food you put in your body has a story, and that story inevitably transfers itself to your cells, tissues, and organs. Most synthetic chemical artificial pesticides that children accumulat…

    January 7, 2014
    How Men Think About Food and Sex: Part 2

    In Part 1, I covered the health benefits of sex. Well, a few of them, anyway. Here in Part 2, I help you in the grocery store. Almost half of grocery store shoppers are men, up from 16% 30 years ago. …

    How Men Think About Sex Rocket
    January 6, 2014
    How Men Think About Food & Sex: Part 1

    The health value of dinner and having sex are not usually in the same sentence for men. But they belong there. Sex is good for you for a lot of reasons, but the benefits are different for men and wome…