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Claire McCarthy MD

Claire McCarthy MD

Claire McCarthy is a pediatrician and Medical Communications Editor at Children's Hospital Boston. She has been writing about health and parenting for twenty years.

She has written two books, Learning How the Heart Beats and Everyone's Children, was a regular contributor to Sesame Street Parents and Parenting Magazine, is a senior editor for Harvard Health Publications, and has written for numerous publications including The Boston Globe and Newsweek.

She blogs regularly for Thriving, a blog of Children's Hospital Boston; you can read her blogs at and follow her on Twitter at @drClaire.

She and her husband, a respiratory therapist at Children's, are raising five children ages 6-20.


Blog Posts by Claire McCarthy MD

  • The Lessons of a Rainy Birthday

    The Lessons of a Rainy Birthday

    On my son’s 19th birthday, it rained. It didn’t just rain.  It poured.  Which would be no fun in any circumstance, but we were on vacation at the beach—and Zack had just one more day before we had to put him on a plane back to college.

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  • How young is too young for Facebook?

    How young is too young for Facebook?

    A law proposed in California would require that social networking sites like Facebook take down content from the profiles of children under 18 if their parents request it.

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  • perspectives-note2

    Should pre-teens have cell phones? My 10-year-old thinks so.

    My 10-year-old daughter wants a cell phone. She wants it bad. So bad that the other night I came home to the note pictured below.

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  • Raising Liam

    Raising Liam

    Sometimes I hear my 5-year-old son say things, or watch him do things, that I’ve been meaning to teach him but haven’t.  I was totally planning on doing it, it’s just that I hadn’t had time yet, or the teachable moment hadn’t happened.  And yet, he knew it already.

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  • Staying off the Slippery Slope to WALL-E

    Staying off the Slippery Slope to WALL-E

    If you haven’t seen the movie “WALL-E”, you should. Not just because the robot hero (named WALL-E) is wonderful, but also because the movie is a great cautionary tale. The movie takes place in the future. Mankind has polluted earth so badly that it is uninhabitable. Everyone took off in a spaceship that now roams […]

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