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Christine Fadel

Christine Fadel

Christine Fadel is a contributing writer for She is founder and author of The C-Word, a satirical and honest chronicle of her adventures as a wife, mother, and woman. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Joe, and young daughter, Marlo. is the online home of the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book series. Dubbed the “pregnancy bible,” the iconic New York Times bestseller is now in its all-new fourth edition, with over 17 million copies in print, and according to USA Today, is read by 93 percent of women who read a pregnancy book. Other titles in the series include Eating Well When You’re Expecting, What to Expect the First Year, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting (a complete preconception plan), and the newest member of the WTE family: What to Expect the Second Year, the must-have guide for parents of toddlers. The WTE books have sold more than 34 million copies in the US alone, and are published in over 30 languages.

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  • rbrb_1334

    Living Life with Postpartum Depression

    There is a large misconception that being diagnosed with PPD and beginning treatment – whether that be with prescription medication, exercise, therapy, or, whatever your personal plan may be – means that you’re good or that it’s something that you’ll be able to talk about in past tense. Sadly, that just isn’t the case. While […]

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  • Postpartum Depression is a Family Affair

    Postpartum Depression is a Family Affair

    We’ve all heard the saying, “When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.” Or, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, I’m here to tell you that not only are they absolutely true, but they can also go both ways. The truth is that postpartum depression doesn’t just affect you; rather, it is a true family affair. You may be […]

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  • Time for Action Treatment Medications and Therapy

    Time for Action: Treatment, Medications, and Therapy

    Being diagnosed with postpartum depression is only the first step of many. Realizing that the way you feel isn’t because you’re a horrible mother or that you did something wrong can lift a huge weight off of your shoulders. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there with the diagnosis. For some, it can be a very […]

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  • Pulling the Trigger- Symptoms & Diagnosis of Postpartum Depression

    Pulling the Trigger: Symptoms & Diagnosis of Postpartum Depression

    Every woman’s experience with postpartum depression is unique. While most women experience some form of the baby blues, one in ten women struggle with moderate to severe postpartum depression. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category. There were the overwhelming and irrational fears: thoughts that I would somehow put her in the dryer while I […]

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  • Postpartum Depression Feels like Nothing

    Postpartum Depression Feels like Nothing

    For a moment, try to imagine feeling nothing. You may ask yourself what nothing feels like. Well, nothing feels like the greatest pain you’ve ever experienced. It is an overwhelming lack of connection or attachment to anything or anyone, especially the people who you’re closest to. You can’t feel joy, happiness, anger, frustration, or even […]

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