November 8, 2013
    Fear Less

    I started this experiment in fear facing over a month ago and today when I am facing writer’s block on writing about fear, it is partially because I’m not scared of much right now. So, mission acc…

    Fear of Bigness
    November 7, 2013
    Fear of Bigness

    This one is an emotional one. I was trying to think back the other day on where my fear of success might come from. I hit some pretty scary skeletons, and since we all have a similar story, I’ll sha…

    fear of lipstick
    November 6, 2013
    Fear of Lipstick

    I am hyper aware that taking the challenge of swimming in the dark night water is a much different fear than being afraid of lipstick, yet these two things live side by side inside of me. I won’t sp…

    aging fear
    November 5, 2013
    Fear of Aging

    I had a birthday recently and to be trite and predictable, I had to admit I have a fear of aging. I tend to live a pretty full life, but there is more where that comes from, thank you very much, and I…

    night ocean
    November 4, 2013
    Facing the Dark Water

    31 Days of Fear Facing This past October I decided to face a fear every day. If it sounds hard, good — you are right. However, the benefits far outweighed the actual fear. This week I’ll be sharin…