Mixed Greens with Raspberries and Pears Salad Recipe


Mixed Greens with Raspberries and Pears Salad Recipe[yields]

This salad is delicious. The raspberries and pears are really sweet while the vinaigrette is a bit tart. The feta adds a nice creamy texture and the sunflower seeds give it a bit of a crunch. This is a light and flavorful salad that your whole family will really enjoy.

Pam is a stay at home mom with two children who inspire her to be a better cook. She loves using fresh ingredients, organic when possible, and she likes to experiment with different tastes and textures. She tries to keep her recipes lower in fat but still tasting great. Her favorite hobbies are cooking, photography and blogging so she decided to combine them and create a recipe blog, For the Love of Cooking.

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