Healthy Taco Salad Recipe

Healthy Taco Salad Recipe[yields]

This salad is full of super healthy ingredients. It is an upside-down version of the traditional.  Use chopped romaine and cilantro as the base, not a pile of chips. This saves you hundreds of nutrient-sparse calories in exchange for nutrient packed herbs and greens. Making your own taco seasoning is super easy, reduces your exposure to preservatives, and is much more cost-effective than buying the mix.

As far as the health benefits, did you know that cilantro is a natural way to detoxify the body from heavy metals (found in many species of fish and packaged foods)? Cilantro is also high is iron, magnesium, and many phytonutrients. Tomatoes provide lycopene and vitamin C, a natural immunity booster. When possible, please source organic corn chips to reduce your exposure to genetically modified corn.

Katie is a reformed junk food junkie who is now hoping to change the way parents feed their children. After switching to a mostly organic, whole foods diet, Katie felt relief from the symptoms of a debilitating autoimmune disease. Along the journey, Katie discovered a passion and a talent for all things culinary. You can find more of Katie’s creative recipes, tips, and techniques at The Health Food Junkie.

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