Flavorful Mushrooms Au Gratin Recipe

Flavorful Mushrooms Au Gratin Recipe[yields]

If you like mushrooms, add a sour cream mixture and a layer of cheese. You are going to be in food heaven.

The trick to getting the most flavor from your mushrooms is to cook them over HIGH heat. You almost want to think of your meaty mushrooms as a nice, juicy steak…put them in a very hot pan, and don’t touch them for at least a few minutes, and preferably after they’ve released all their moisture and it’s evaporated. You want to get a nice, golden color to them before flipping them – that’s how you’ll build the most flavor.

This is a great mushroom recipe that even kids will eat. The leftovers heat up very nicely and taste just as good as when they’re fresh out of the oven.  Enjoy!

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