Old Fashioned Spicy Applesauce Bread Recipe

Old Fashioned Spicy Applesauce Bread Recipe[yields]

Applesauce bread is very old-fashioned American style baking, rich, and moist, with a remarkably fresh flavor. It is a full-flavored bread, pungent with the combination of sweet spices and the texture is fantastic despite no eggs. Notice the use of healthy light olive oil, which is neutral and has no flavor of its own, so it is great for baking, but you can use any vegetable or safflower oil (if you use canola oil, only use organic since the plant is a member of the cotton family and the most highly sprayed). This recipe is just sweet enough to satisfy the most fussy breakfast or snack sweet tooth.

Beth Hensperger

Beth Hensperger is the author of over twenty-two cookbooks, including the James Beard Book Award winner The Bread Bible, and the best-selling Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook series. Also from The Harvard Common Press are The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook, The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook, and The Best Quick Breads..

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