Easy Parmesan Crisps Recipe

Easy Parmesan Crisps Recipe[yields]

This is an easy and different cheesy, noshy “cracker” that will make your guests think you are the most amazing host who does everything, like even make your own crackers, just because. Or maybe you want to garnish your scrumptious farmer’s market salad (or Caesar), with one or two of these crispy little buggers… The hardest part of this is making sure you don’t burn the cheese. Seriously, as soon as you see the cheese start to bubble and brown, you are seconds from the end and you really don’t want to burn beautiful, (expensive), Parmesan!

Celeste Kellerhouse

Celeste is a hunter of bargains -- but doesn't cut corners when it comes to food. Creating her own fresh dishes she shares on her own blog Meals at Home.

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