Broccoli with Vinaigrette Recipe

Broccoli with Vinaigrette Recipe

  • Makes: 2 Servings
  • Ready In: 8 mins
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 3 mins

America’s favorite vegetable is even better when it is served with this delicious fat-free dressing. It’s easy to make, keeps well in the refrigerator and is tasty on other vegetables as well.

    Nutritional Information (per serving)

  • Calories: 110
  • Fat: 7g
  • Protein: 3g
  • Sodium: 281mg
  • Carbohydrates: 5g


  1. 1 bunch broccoli
    ½ cup seasoned rice vinegar
    2 teaspoons stone-ground or Dijon-style mustard
    1-2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced


    1. Break the broccoli into bite-sized florets.
    2. Peel the stems and slice them into ¼ inch thick rounds.
    3. Steam until just tender, about 3 minutes.
    4. While broccoli is steaming, whisk the dressing ingredients in a serving bowl.
    5. Add the steamed broccoli and toss to mix.
    6. Serve immediately.

Sharon Holmes

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