Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Very Blueberry Smoothie Recipe[yields]

This Smoothie is delicious and quick to make. Make it for breakfast, an any-time-snack or make with your little one for special occasions, like Mother’s Day.  Use the optional mint garnish to fancy it up.

You can use a variety of frozen fruits to make this recipe. Frozen Acai, a super-fruit loaded with antioxidants, is a nice addition. Always select organic, whole bean soy-milk. “Organic” because so much conventional soy is Genetically Modified and the jury is still out on GM foods. “Whole bean” because the protein from soy bean isolates may be harder to digest for some people. Great organic, whole bean brands are available in most markets. One of my favorites is Silk Soy Milk.

Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene is the co-founder and Executive Producer of She is a mother, a breast cancer survivor and a foodie. Cheryl is active in social media and can be found on Facebook and Twitter as @MsGreene.

  1. Wendy Guerra

    I enjoy reading about new recipes, specially for my little ones. This article has left me a bit confused on whether or not soy is healthy.


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