Seizures Causes

What causes seizures?

What Causes Seizures

Dr. Greene`s Answer:

A burst of simultaneous, contradictory signals from brain cells is called a seizure or convulsion. The most common cause of seizures in childhood is the rapid onset of a high fever. Febrile seizures, while very frightening to parents, are not dangerous.

Head trauma is another common cause of seizures. Infections of various types (especially meningitis) are the other common known cause of seizures. Other less common causes include drugs, toxins, brain tumors, strokes, neurologic syndromes, altered blood sugar levels (too low or too high), or abnormalities of blood levels of sodium, calcium, or magnesium.

Epilepsy is defined as recurrent seizures unrelated to fever or identifiable acute damage to the brain. Somewhere between 0.4 and 1 percent of people have epilepsy, making it about as common as diabetes (Pediatric Epilepsy, Demos Publishers, 1993).

Dr. Alan Greene

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  1. Anthony Austin

    My brother has been having this seizure from the very month he was born, but since then the seizure normally occurs like 3 or 4 times monthly or in 2 months. Usually we notice high fever in him when it does. We met our doctor and he told us that he will outgrown the seizure in time. He’s now 5years and he’s still having same seizure, but for the past 18months now the seizure now occurs like 6 time in every month and now this last 4 months is the worst of all.
    It happens like 6 times in 4days sometimes 4 times in two 30hours. I don’t know if this is complex or simple febrile seizure…pls what’s your advise to us Doctor….


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