My daughter is 2 1/2 months old. She was born with a very large soft spot on her head, not the regular soft spot all babies are born with. Her pediatrician said she has what is called cephalohematoma. The bump basically is big and swollen and hard as if it’s bone. How long will it take for my daughter’s body to resolve this on her own?


Dr. Greene’s Answer:

A  cephalohematoma is a collection of blood under the scalp that usually comes from birth trauma. It’s more common after a vacuum is used for delivery but can happen with any delivery. A cephalohematoma may be associated with an underlying skull fracture in about 5-10% of cases. It may also contribute to hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice) in the newborn.

A cephalohematoma often takes many months to go away and gets quite firm before it does.

As it goes away, usually the middle disappears first, followed by the edges, which can get quite hard before being absorbed into the body. The remaining bump can feel a bit like a crater before it completely disappears

Dr. Alan Greene

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  1. kalyani

    Hi Doctor,

    My son had cephalohematoma after birth. It has calcified and it did not go away till now. He is 3 yrs now. I’m really worried about this. When will it completely disappear? Can you tell me the approximate time?

    When we shave his head, if no hair is on his head it is completely noticeable and we even feel it whenever we touch his head.

    Thank you, Doctor.

  2. Aqilah

    Hi Dr.Greene,
    My baby is now 2months and 7days.. He was born with cephalohematoma on his right side of parietal. At first it was soft but lately it has calcified. It doesn’t show any sign that I would go away. Its as hard as the actually bone. Will it go away?.. I’m worried as this will not look good cosmetically for him.


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