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  • Toy Wall-e surrounded by fish shaped cheddar crackers

    Sneaky Toxin #5: Organic Baby & Kid Snacks

      When I was growing up, a “snack”—according to my mother the holistic health coach—could very well have been a slab of baked squash. My own children aren’t so lucky when it comes to snacks (or unlucky, if you had asked 12-year-old me!). I often lament that organic snacks have ruined my family’s diet. With […] Read full story

  • Pur kitchen sink water filter

    Sneaky Toxin #4: The Filtered Water in Your Refrigerator

      If the water coming out of your faucet tastes vaguely like a swimming pool, then a pitcher filter, such as Brita or Pur, will likely eliminate the smell and taste of chlorine. Unfortunately, these types of filtration systems don’t do much else. Their main function is to improve the taste and appearance of your […] Read full story

  • Four plastic clothes pins on an outdoor clothes line

    Sneaky Toxin #3: “Gentle,” “Natural,” and “Free & Clear” Baby Products

      I am always fascinated by how many of my clients—even the ones eating organic food, ditching plastic, and switching to natural skincare products—use Dreft to wash baby clothes. The reason is obvious: pediatricians still routinely recommend this brand, since the marketing genius that is Proctor & Gamble has successfully positioned Dreft as the safest […] Read full story

  • Cow being milked with a milking machine

    Sneaky Toxin #2: Organic & Grass-Fed Dairy

      This series of blog posts is all about hidden and surprising sources of toxins, and this one REALLY surprised me when I learned about it a few years ago. It also scared me: as a quasi-vegetarian, I eat a lot of dairy—dairy that I assumed was healthful, since it is always organic and often […] Read full story

  • Red sippy cup sitting alone in a park

    Sneaky Toxin #1: BPA-Free Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups

      Have you ever ordered a “healthy” item from a fast-food menu? A salad at these places might consist of a pile of anemic iceberg lettuce topped with chicken fingers and drowning in ranch dressing. An educated consumer would know this isn’t health food, of course. But this same consumer might be surprised to learn […] Read full story

  • Refrigerator Storage

    From Bakeware to Blenders — Getting the Plastic Out of the Kitchen

    As I wrote yesterday, it’s impossible for us to know which plastics are absolutely safe to eat or drink from because plastics manufacturers do not disclose the chemicals added to their plastic products. So instead of taking a chance, I avoid plastic in the kitchen. I’ve replaced nearly all of my kitchen plastic with plastic-free […] Read full story

  • Are There Any Safe Plastics

    Are There Any Safe Plastics?

    Which plastics are safe to eat or drink from? Or to give our children? If you Google “which plastics are safe?”, you’ll find lots of articles on the Internet explaining the resin identification codes (the little numbers 1 – 7 in the “chasing arrows” triangle on the bottom of a plastic item) and which ones […] Read full story

  • farmers-market

    Top 10 Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

    Why should we reduce our plastic use? Isn’t that what recycling is for? Actually, recycling is the last of the 3 R’s — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – because it’s meant to be the last step, a way to deal with the plastic that we can’t avoid after reducing as much as possible. Why? Well, unfortunately, […] Read full story

  • Photo by Beth Terry. Kahuku Point, the northern most tip of Oahu, on Coastal Cleanup Day, September, 2013.

Plastic continuously washes ashore from out in the ocean because of the nature of the currents. Cleaning it up is a Sisyphean task.

    Why Go Plastic-Free?

    Photo by Beth Terry. Kahuku Point, the northern most tip of Oahu, on Coastal Cleanup Day, September, 2013. Plastic continuously washes ashore from out in the ocean because of the nature of the currents. Cleaning it up is a Sisyphean task. Could one photo change the course of your life forever? That’s what happened to me six years ago. […] Read full story

  • Bowl of quinoa topped with blueberries.

    Solution #5: Keep Trying: Keep Trying

      “I don’t like it [today]!” doesn’t mean “I won’t like it ever!” Remember, it takes many, many exposures to a food before your child might like it (upwards of 15 times). Food neophobia, or a fear of trying new foods, is a natural phase of childhood development—one that most kids outgrow in time. It’s […] Read full story