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Myra Goodman

Myra Goodman

Myra Goodman, along with her husband Drew, founded Earthbound Farm on a 2½-acre backyard garden in 1984. In 1986, Earthbound Farm became the first company to successfully launch packaged salads for retail sale, and it’s credited with popularizing spring mix salads, now the biggest segment of the packaged salad category. Today, Earthbound Farm is the largest grower of organic produce in North America, with 150 farmers growing organic produce on more than 35,000 acres. In 2010 alone, the company will avoid the use of more than 11 million pounds of conventional agricultural chemicals. In addition to numerous corporate awards, Myra and Drew were honored with Global Green USA’s Corporate Environmental Leadership Award in 2003; in 2008, they received the Organic Trade Association’s Organic Leadership Award.

Myra has taken her passion for organic food from the farm into the kitchen by showcasing delicious recipes in two cookbooks — Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook (Workman Publishing, 2006) and The Earthbound Cook: Recipes for Delicious Food and a Healthy Planet (Workman, 2010). Myra is also a regular contributor to Bon Appetit magazine.


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    Nothing Tastes like Food You’ve Grown Yourself

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    So Many Important Reasons to Choose Organic

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