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Melissa Black

Melissa Black

Melissa grew up outside Boston, and graduated with an A.B. Cum Laude in Hispanic Studies from Harvard College in 1992.  She developed her passion for excellent customer service while working in sales and marketing in the restaurant industry and the corporate child-care industry.

After receiving an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Melissa co-founded a dot-com focusing on turning dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers.

Melissa settled in the Bay Area with her late husband David Palecek and had four daughters: twins Katrina, Caroline, Sierra and Annika.

After working as a personal stylist for five years, she felt the need to try her hand at a larger venture.

The idea for Honeycombers came about when Melissa found lice on her four girls late one Christmas Eve.  Unsure about how to manage it, she investigated home remedies and tried various treatments.  When those were unsuccessful, she stumbled upon a local lice salon that treated the children.  She loved the concept but the salon itself was disorganized and messy, and the service left something to be desired. So she decided to jump into the startup world once again.

Melissa brought the highest quality customer service and the careful attention to detail that she had honed through years of managing customer service interactions to her own venture.  Her sister Ashley came up with the name and the idea for a world-class establishment took shape: Honeycombers Lice Advice & Treatment Salon.

Honeycombers provides an incredibly clean, bright, warm location for parents and caregivers to have their little ones treated with care when lice infestations happen, and to be a resource to schools, camps, daycares and other organizations managing lice infestations in the community. Melissa has never had lice.

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