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Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord

I grew up in Louisville, KY and, thanks to my parents and grandparents, had an understanding very early on of the impact food has on our health and well-being. I was taught to respect food and learned about gardening, composting, canning, and shopping at u-pick farms and farmer’s markets; traditions I’m passing along to my kids.

I started modeling in my teens and soon found myself traveling the world, spending every spare second learning about and experiencing the local cuisines. Craving more, I saved up my money and enrolled at The Institute for Culinary Education in Manhattan.

Fast forward a few years, I got married and had my beautiful baby boy, Kenya. When he was ready to start solid foods, I spent hours on the internet researching feeding tips and fresh, healthy recipe ideas, but came up short. I found myself having conversations with friends who struggled with the same issues and I quickly became their go-to girl for baby and child-friendly recipes. I believed that if it helped them, then there just might be a lot of new moms out there looking for the same guidance. That was my “aha!” moment…and my next baby,, was born.

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