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  • Refreshing Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

    Refreshing Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

    This smoothie is creamy and sweet with bright little specks of orange zest in each sip, and the frothy top is

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  • Greena Colada Smoothie

    Greeña Colada Smoothie Recipe

    This refreshing green smoothie is a great post workout drink. It is hydrating, full of good greenness and a nice little

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  • Yummy Chocolate Power Smoothie Recipe

    Yummy Chocolate Power Smoothie Recipe

    A scrumptious balance of protein, carbs and chocolaty goodness make this smoothie a winner. Dr. Greene suggests you use organic ingredients when possible, especially for dairy and egg products. 

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  • Tasty Ginger Smoothie Recipe

    Tasty Ginger Smoothie Recipe

    Ginger soothes the tummy and warms the heart — making this a great recipe for mom’s with morning sickness!

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  • Very Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

    Very Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

    This Smoothie is delicious and quick to make. It’s great for breakfast or an any-time-snack. You can use a variety of frozen fruits to make this recipe. Frozen Acai, a super-fruit loaded with antioxidants, is a nice addition. Always select organic, whole bean soy-milk. “Organic” because

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  • Refrigerator Storage

    From Bakeware to Blenders — Getting the Plastic Out of the Kitchen

    As I wrote yesterday, it’s impossible for us to know which plastics are absolutely safe to eat or drink from because plastics manufacturers do not disclose the chemicals added to their plastic products. So instead of taking a chance, I avoid plastic in the kitchen. I’ve replaced nearly all of my kitchen plastic with plastic-free […]

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  • Little girl leaning over the back of a dinning room chair, looking longly for breakfast.

    Rise and Shine: 3 easy ways to harness the power of protein for kids at breakfast

      We’ve all heard the refrain that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the real key – especially for busy families– is what’s on the menu. Protein in particular is essential for muscle contraction and movement and the production of hormones like insulin, which regulates blood sugar. It is also involved […]

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  • Photo by David Goehring.

    How Toddlers Can Benefit from Supplements

      The toddler years are a time of huge transition – and one of the biggest changes is in how they receive the majority of their nourishment. Not so long ago, their diet consisted of milk or formula, but now they are (hopefully!) enjoying a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate […]

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  • Bowl of ramen noodles with a veggies and a cornish game hen on the side

    9 Ways to Buy and Eat Organic On a Ramen Noodle Budget

    There have been plenty of debates over the years as to whether eating organic is “really” better for you. In my own personal research and experience, the least amount of human interference the better it is – but lets face it, we are not all going out back and picking money off of trees. We […]

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  • Fun Foods to Grow in the Garden

    Fun Foods to Grow in the Garden

    As a pediatrician who is committed to preventing disease, I’ve become more invested in making sure my patients benefit from a protective diet of whole foods. Gardening is one of tne more useful tools I have used to promote healthy eating. As I discussed in earlier posts, kids who garden are more likely to prefer […]

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