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Teenage blond girl taking a selfie

Healthy Sexual Identity Development & Teen Suicide

Sexual identity development is a major task during the teen years. The developmental process involves teens understanding their feelings of sexual arousal, understanding their sexual emotions, understanding what undesirable...

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Sad boy for blocks

Tylenol for Babies & Toddlers: Follow-up Discussion on #LTKH Tweet Chat

On May 17 and 18, 2011 there was a joint meeting of the FDA Advisory Committee for Nonprescription Drugs and the FDA Pediatric Advisory Committee. I wrote an article about...

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Tylenol No Longer Deemed a Pain Reliever for Babies and Toddlers

Tylenol No Longer Deemed a Pain Reliever for Babies & Toddlers

Tylenol for Babies & Toddlers?!?  The FDA’s Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee and Pediatric Advisory Committee have together recommended that “pain relief” be removed from the label of Tylenol for babies...

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Dr. Alan Greene explains how to solve night terrors in children

Solving night terrors lickety-split

We’ve come upon a great solution for night terrors in my house (OK, my wife actually came up with it :) that worked with our son and thousands of...

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Enteroviruses A-to-Z Guide: Overview, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

Introduction to enterovirus: Often when parents bring a sick child to the doctor and hear, “It’s just a virus,” the child has an enterovirus. What is enterovirus? Enteroviruses are...

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Tips for Managing Asthma, Allergies and House Dust Mites

Tips for Managing Asthma, Allergies and House Dust Mites

House dust mites are tiny creatures that live in pillows and mattresses, carpets, and couches – quietly eating dead skin cells and hair. And pooping. They require humidity and...

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Bobbie and Whitney singing together on stage.

3 Reasons Why Children Commit Suicide When They Have Had a Parent do the Same

View image | As we watch in horror over Bobbi Kristina fighting for her life after nearly killing herself almost three years to the date of her Mother’s...

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Close-up of a sad teenage girl.

3 Developmental Tasks which Push Some Teens over the Edge and How to Parent them

It is so hard to understand why a teenager with so much life ahead of them would decide to commit suicide. Teenagers are naturally self-centered, self-focused and oriented only...

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Bonnie Modungo in the kitchen preparing a variety of vegetables.

Nurturing Your Gut Microbiome – #LTKH

This week’s installment of Let’s Talk Kids’ Health Tweet Chat  was an interview with Registered Dietician and Guest Blogger, Bonnie Modungo. Here is the #Storify transcript of the conversation....

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Ashley Koff and male chef on a TV set, making food from BroccoLeaf


Make your quesadillas a healthier treat by using BroccoLeaf instead of tortillas. They’re fast and easy to make, lower in calorie than traditional quesadillas, and provide a great vegetable...

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