About the Renal Tumor Program at my hospital

About the Renal Tumor Program at my hospital

As some of you know, a while ago my oncologist and surgeon, David McDermott and Drew Wagner, asked if I’d be willing to be videotaped talking about what I think about the Renal Tumor program they offer. Well, you know me – please don’t throw me in that briar patch! Besides, since I feel pretty strongly that I owe them my life, the least I can do is tell the story to a million people or so.

In a couple of shots you can see my wife Ginny. And, very sharp-eyed long-time Bostonians may be able to recognize that the unnamed fellow in those shots is Gary Gillis, former sportscaster for WHDH-TV. He’s the producer of this video.

More details about the Beth Israel Deaconess Renal Tumor Program are on their web site

(As I write this, the video player is behaving very balkily for me. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the Brightcove video server. I expect they’ll get it worked out.)

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