Variety of Packaged Snack Foods which can lead to bad eating habits.
    August 20, 2018
    A Guide To Breaking Your Bad Eating Habits

    Does everyone in your family sit together at the dining table for a meal? If your answer is ‘no’, that’s probably not the only bad eating habit you are indulging in. Do you love turning on the T…

    White plate of pasta with red sauce. A red plate for red sauce is one way to help picky eaters increase calorie intake.
    November 26, 2016
    Stunning New Techniques to Increase Calorie Intake for Picky Eaters

    Dr. Greene's Answer: As parents, we have a deep instinct to help our children grow well and achieve their potential. When our children are smaller than most others (less than the 5th percentile of wei…

    Tips for Helping Underweight Kids (and Their Parents)
    August 13, 2010
    Tips for Helping Underweight Kids (and Their Parents)

    Parents of underweight kids who really don't eat enough deserve better help than they often get. Still, most of the time when people say to me that their child is skinny and a very picky eater, the ch…

    February 18, 2007
    How Much Food Does a Child Need Each Day?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Kids can benefit from dietary improvements at any age. Quality foods  make a difference when they are young, and their brains are growing most rapidly. It also makes a huge diffe…

    Couch Potatoes & Screen Potatoes Unpeeled
    May 29, 2003
    Couch Potatoes & Screen Potatoes Unpeeled

    There’s good news and bad news. Dramatically good and dramatically bad. Duke University announced on May 28, 2003 the results of their 5-year randomized study on body fat. Two kinds of body fat accu…

    Healthy Snacking
    January 30, 2003
    Healthy Snacking

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Forcing specific foods on children usually backlashes on you. Even if you get kids to eat them, they will often not like them when they are older. What we've recently done with ou…

    January 3, 2003
    Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners

    Dr. Greene's Answer: In small amounts, neither diet or regular soda is very harmful. But of course, neither has great benefits. I have no problems with sugar when it comes naturally with fiber such as…