Quinoa salad with beet, cucumbers, and chickpeas from Fifty Weeks of Green copyright 2015 CookforGood.com
    January 20, 2015
    Guilt-Free Salad Buffet

    Put together an easy, fun lunch for any group with a plant-powered guilt-free salad buffet. No one needs to leave hungry because all the food avoids empty calories and dietary concerns. I've found a …

    Decadent Vegan Truffles
    December 12, 2012
    Vegan Truffles Recipe: Decadent Dessert

    Make these delicious chocolate vegan truffles for your party and watch them disappear. These decadent morsels are a great example of how dessert doesn’t have to be filled with empty calories. These …

    April 19, 2012
    Mediterranean Quinoa Recipe

    This Mediterranean quinoa recipe makes a stupendous meal coupled with Falafels or Carribean Lime Halibut. Cook nutrient-dense quinoa until it’s light and fluffy, dress it with lemon juice and olive …

    Apples and Spice
    July 20, 2010
    Apples and Spice and Everything Nice Recipe

    Layers of goodness make apples and spice and everything nice a tasty baby food the whole family will enjoy. This baby food will teach your child how to love healthy flavors from a young age -- and yo…

    Can You Be Vegetarian or Vegan while Pregnant?
    October 5, 2007
    Can You Be Vegetarian or Vegan while Pregnant?

    Being a vegetarian or a vegan can be an option for a pregnant woman, if you make informed choices. Here are four things to keep in mind: (more…)…

    Baked Apple Recipe
    August 15, 2001
    Baked Apple Recipe

    What says comfort like a warm baked apple with cinnamon and nutmeg? This scrumptious treat will please the kids — without the sugar of traditional desserts. Great to get your kids hooked on! Baked A…