October 27, 2002
    Deafness: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Introduction: In that first golden moment when you gazed at your baby in the delivery room, he was already beginning an amazing journey of learning. And how do children learn? They take in the world b…

    Stress Hormones and Premature Babies
    July 26, 1996
    Stress Hormones and Premature Babies

    Dr. Greene's Answer: "Why" questions are often the most interesting and the most rewarding. They are also among the most difficult to answer. Your observations are correct -- premature children who ha…

    May 2, 1996
    Second Pregnancies – Will My First Child Suffer?

    Dr. Greene`s Answer: It is only natural to be concerned about what other people will think when you tell them your good news -- particularly those that are closest to you. I am afraid that some of the…

    Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy
    February 26, 1996
    Dangers of Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Congratulations, Stephanie! Only 31 weeks to go! What a miracle -- a new life is forming inside you! Once a baby arrives, changing diapers is a practical way to express love. In t…