Water color of a child riding a blanket (lovely) on a cloud
    September 26, 2017
    Loveys: All you ever wanted to know!

    You're on vacation and your child's adored stuffed animal has been left behind: meltdown! You've tossed your child's musky blanket swatch into the wash: inconsolable mourning! Such is the ultra-strong…

    January 28, 2016
    Solving Night Terrors Lickety-split

    We've come upon a great solution for night terrors in my house (OK, my wife actually came up with it :) that worked with our son and thousands of others. If you've ever run in to this with your child,…

    Peacefully Sleeping Toddler
    June 7, 2014
    You Are What You Sleep

    How your children sleep may change their body composition – their lean body mass, total body fat, abdominal fat, and waist and hip circumference. A fascinating new study showed tight links between k…

    Dr. Greene discusses how to solve your toddler's sleep problems
    August 7, 2013
    Why toddlers have sleep issues, and how to solve them

    Dr. Greene's take on toddlers and sleep... As your baby becomes a toddler, chances are they will give you some sleepless nights. In this week's post I've got your solution. But first a little fun fact…

    How Much Sleep is Needed?
    July 24, 2007
    How Much Sleep is Needed?

    I’m asked almost everyday by some concerned parent whether their child is sleeping enough or too much. That’s not a simple answer and sleep needs vary from child to child and even from day to day.…

    Digital Childhood, Physical World
    May 20, 2007
    Digital Childhood, Physical World

    Today's generation of children is growing up unlike any previous generation in history. In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of digital and electronic media available to and even targeted …

    Kids' Sleep and Parents' Health
    May 2, 2007
    Kids’ Sleep and Parents’ Health

    Sleep problems in babies, toddlers, and preschool kids are common. So are mental health problems, such as depression, in parents. Postpartum depression in mothers gets the most attention, but when a m…

    Can you leave the light on?
    September 14, 2004
    Can you leave the light on?

    Dr. Greene's take on leaving the light on at night... Is it dangerous for kids to sleep with the light on? Lots of interesting news has been coming out of the 2004 Children with Leukemia conference in…

    Head Banging, Body Rocking, and Thumb-sucking
    January 22, 2002
    Head Banging, Body Rocking, and Thumb-sucking

    Parents are often concerned when they notice their young children performing repeated rhythmic behaviors, such as body rocking. Fears of autism or developmental problems can haunt parents. (more&helli…

    3 years boy lying on bed, but can't sleep.
    June 26, 2001
    When Children Can’t Sleep

    Dr. Greene's Answer: How exhausting! Missed sleep is tough for all of us, but yours has been long and consistent and without a failsafe solution if you just get too tired. Most young kids will return …

    April 10, 2001
    Sleep Disorders in Infants & Toddlers

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Most young kids will return to sleep well if rocked, or cuddled, or fallen asleep with (of course, whether or not you want to do this is another issue). Sometimes adjustments in b…

    Guidelines for Easing the Transition from Crib to Bed
    February 10, 1998
    Guidelines for Easing the Transition from Crib to Bed

    She learns to pull herself to standing. Soon she is cruising 'round and 'round the crib, instead of going down for a nap. Then she begins to bounce up and down. Before long, she catapults over the top…

    Fast Facts about Thumb Sucking
    April 17, 1996
    Fast Facts about Thumb Sucking

    Children who suck their thumbs are able to begin at an early age to meet their own need for sucking. These children fall asleep more easily, are able to put themselves back to sleep at night more easi…

    Learning To Fall Back To Sleep
    April 2, 1996
    Learning To Fall Back To Sleep

    Dr. Greene's Answer: It is so rewarding to rock our little ones to sleep. The feeling of closeness we get from holding them in our arms as they drift off is, for many parents, the pot of gold at the e…

    Tips for Weaning your Child from a Bedtime Bottle
    February 28, 1996
    Tips for Weaning your Child from a Bedtime Bottle

    When a toddler or preschooler is still using a bottle to go to sleep, there are two patterns that must be overcome. First, she has chosen the bottle as her special comfort object to help her with the …

    Sleep and the Family Bed
    January 3, 1996
    Sleep and the Family Bed

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Many families throughout history have chosen a "family bed." In fact, in most cultures around the world today, a "family bed" is the norm. If that is a family's choice, it can wor…