Parent's swinging a child between them as they walk. Pulling on a child's arm can cause nursemaid's elbow.
    November 6, 2017
    Nursemaid’s Elbow

    Dr. Greene: What an ordeal, indeed. When a joint is out-of-place for that long, it’s not unusual for a child to be sore the following day. It’s a good sign your son is (thankfully!) again using hi…

    Toddler playing ball on the grass. Fun springtime outdoor activities for kids.
    May 1, 2017
    Fun Springtime Outdoor Activities to Help Your Child Develop Motor Skills

    Children are naturally adventurous and love to get out and explore, so you won’t have to push and prod them to go outside and engage in some fun activities now that the weather’s warming up. While…

    Two year old boy playing in a cardboard box on a green lawn
    August 5, 2014
    Channeling Energy into Fun with 2 Year Olds

    Oh the 2 year old!  2 year olds are so full of passion that their reputation precedes them.  But when all that curious energy is channeled toward play, the results can be magically fun. Finding act…

    Red Colander with straws in the holes to show toddler game
    August 4, 2014
    10 Fun Activities for 1 Year Olds

    We love babies!  One of the most rewarding parts of being a mom is watching your baby investigate the world.  They are watching everything and interacting with anything they can get their chubby h…

    October 31, 2013
    IPAD in Nursery School

    My Kid’s Teacher is Using an IPAD in his Nursery School Classroom. Will That Hurt Him? Many early childhood classrooms around the country are beginning to introduce technology into their curriculums…

    October 30, 2013
    IPAD Tantrum

    My Child Has a Tantrum Whenever I Take The IPAD Away. What can I do to Stop this Behavior? This is a question we hear frequently. In fact, we named our book Toddlers ON Technology to emphasize the add…

    October 29, 2013
    HELP! My Child Wants To Know About Digital Technology – and He’s Only 2!

    As we sat by a computer, my 22 month-old granddaughter uttered her first complete sentence to me. It was: “Grandma, you have to double click.” That’s when I knew I was in a different universe. A…

    October 28, 2013
    A MOM’S STORY: Go Ahead, Judge Me

    To say that I was slightly irritated by my under-caffeinated and over-jostled condition that wet winter morning in the overcrowded coffee shop would have been an understatement. Working types elbowed …

    July 31, 2013
    How to turn a Toddler into an Amazing Dinner Guest

    When was the last time you asked your child to dine with you? Probably never if you’re like most people. Truth be told, I haven’t either. In fact I just had a Mommy/Daughter dinner date with my 7 …

    May 19, 2013
    Kat Bit Her Tongue

    Kids jump and fall and run and climb and play – and it’s not unusual for me to get called when one of their tongues happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught between chomping teet…

    5 Smart Tips for Letting Toddlers Use Smartphones
    August 16, 2012
    5 Smart Tips for Letting Toddlers Use Smartphones

    It’s becoming an ever more common sight: babies and kids playing with smartphones. According to NPR’s Health Blog, one recent survey found that as many as 1 in 4 toddlers has used a smartphone and…

    Surviving Children: Laugh
    September 2, 2011
    Surviving Children: Laugh

    I saved the best post for last!  As a mom of a 4 year old, 2 year old and 8  month old, I learned the value of laughter! Laughter is a good medicine. It balms the soul when the waves of anxiety buff…

    Young Girl Playing in Outdoors Water
    June 14, 2011
    Skin Damage Starts with Your Child’s First Sun Over-exposure

    It’s taken a long time for science to quantify what mothers have always known: the skin of babies and toddlers is very different from the skin of older children and adults. Babies’ skin is softer …

    How Green is your Childcare?
    October 22, 2010
    How Green is your Childcare?

    As parents, we consider many factors when selecting a childcare situation for our children – among them cost, convenience, philosophy, hours and the ratio of caregivers to kids. But how many of us g…

    Phi Baby Kappa
    November 14, 2007
    Phi Baby Kappa

    We all want our babies to have the best start possible. How much do infant educational videos really help to boost the brain? Each hour of educational baby DVDs or videos that babies watch per day is …

    Apprentice, Athlete, Scholar, Poet – Part 3
    October 27, 2006
    Apprentice, Athlete, Scholar, Poet – Part 3

    The Scholar The scholar's story is one of emotional and intellectual growth. Behind the scenes, your baby is gaining, not just strength and coordination, but a deep understanding of the way things wor…

    Apprentice, Athlete, Scholar, Poet – Part 1
    October 23, 2006
    Apprentice, Athlete, Scholar, Poet – Part 1

    Introduction The toddler that rushes down the hall calling, “Mommy phone!” is dramatically different from the newborn you held in your arms a moment and an eternity ago. Astonishing and unparallel…

    Guess I'll Go Eat Worms
    February 22, 2006
    Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms

    One month after eating an earthworm on a dare, a 16-year-old girl developed a fever and nausea that lasted about 2 or 3 days, along with some mild swelling around her eyes. These symptoms went away, b…

    Where and When Do Children Drown?
    July 6, 2001
    Where and When Do Children Drown?

    Many drowning tragedies are preventable; understanding where and why children drown happens makes it easier to prevent. According to a major study in the July 2001 issue of Pediatrics, infants are mos…

    No More TV?
    August 6, 1999
    No More TV?

    In a startling announcement in August,1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics officially recommended that children under age 2 watch no television at all. They pointed to the importance of face-to-fac…