Mom with two young children in a kitchen - stepfamily appreciation
    September 18, 2017
    A Week for Stepfamily Appreciation

    Riddle me this: What September holiday isn't listed on the Hallmark holiday calendar? Hint: It is an official national holiday. And, it's a chance to tell stepfamily members that you appreciate your l…

    Launching a memorial balloon.
    June 26, 2017
    Tap Your Loss Experiences to Help Children Grieve

    Remembrances and sometimes regrets come along with the loss of a loved one. It’s been years since my parents passed away, and questions still runs through my mind: Did I make the most of my time wit…

    December 7, 2013
    Holidays in Blended Families: Making Holidays Ties That Bind, not Ties That Break

    Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling. What Are We to Do? Stepfamilies include at least one parent in another household. This fact can make holiday scheduling daunting. Because both mom and dad want to b…

    November 29, 2013
    Meeting the Challenge of Becoming a Team

    As I said in last post, parents and stepparents do have different roles. However, they do still need to become a team, supporting each other, helping each other, and working together. Parents do need …

    November 28, 2013
    Parenting and Discipline in “Blended Families”

    Parents and stepparents feel differently about kids. Stepparents, even if they care about their stepkids, do not begin with a deeply established heart connection with them. Furthermore, habits, values…

    November 27, 2013
    Insiders and Outsiders

    Stepmother: When your kids are here, I might as well be a piece of furniture. Dad: But they’re my kids, what do you expect? Stepmother: I expect you to treat me like I’m your wife! Dad: How many t…

    November 26, 2013
    From Enemies to Intimates

    Becoming a stepfamily is a process, not an event. It takes time, counted not in days or months, but years. My experience, corroborated by the research, is that even “fast” families take a couple o…

    November 25, 2013
    Helping Stepkids to Thrive

    A stepfamily is a fundamentally different structure upon which to build intimate relationships than a first-time family. The familiar phrase “blended families” does not prepare stepcouples for the…

    Loss and Divorce
    November 21, 2012
    Loss and Divorce

    Losses from Divorce If you are divorcing it is very important to sit down with your children, preferably both of you together, and later separately, and tell them these things repeatedly: (more&hellip…