Water color of a child riding a blanket (lovely) on a cloud
    September 26, 2017
    Loveys: All you ever wanted to know!

    You're on vacation and your child's adored stuffed animal has been left behind: meltdown! You've tossed your child's musky blanket swatch into the wash: inconsolable mourning! Such is the ultra-strong…

    January 16, 2003
    Separation Anxiety & Sleep Struggles

    Dr. Greene`s Answer: Kids often go through another round of separation anxiety at that age and one good way to handle the night wakening is to give them an opportunity to hear your voice. You can reco…

    Separation Anxiety
    November 3, 2002
    Separation Anxiety: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    ¬†Introduction to separation anxiety: Your baby has been able to tell the difference between you and strangers from the earliest days of life. Young babies prefer their mothers and fathers (and others…