Two children working on an art project together demonstrating social learning.
    October 23, 2017
    Social Learning is Critical for Academic Success!

    The character Sheldon Cooper from the CBS TV show “The Big Bang Theory” is a familiar example from popular culture of an individual who has achieved impressive academic success but experiences dif…

    Brain shaped ice cream melting on an iPad. Avoid summer brain drain!
    July 10, 2017
    How to Make Sure Your Kids Avoid Summer Brain Drain

    Summer is a great time for your kids to let go of school stress and have fun, but these warm weather months can also cause learning loss. The excitement of summer can quickly give way to boredom, and …

    May 24, 2013
    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 5 – Communication & Conclusion

    As I stated in the opening post, each school has four pillars that supports it -administration, students, parents, and teachers.  To ensure success each pillar must consistently support a school with…

    May 22, 2013
    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 3 – School Field Trips: Contingency and Compassion

    It would be great it everything went according to plan, but unfortunately Murphy’s Law will come a long and make whatever can go wrong, completely fail. Just as it happens in life, so does it happen…

    May 20, 2013
    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 1 – Pillars of Support

    All schools have a support structure that keeps them running efficiently.  I call the support structure the Four Pillars of a School District.  Those pillars are - administration (principals, superi…

    May 10, 2013
    Paragraph Writing: A Creative Way to Build Confidence

    The summertime is a wonderful time to help your child learn how to write sentences and paragraphs, which follow a logical sequence and include interesting details. Children typically need to be encour…

    Another Newtown is Not Inevitable
    December 15, 2012
    Another Newtown is Not Inevitable

    My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in this horrific tragedy. There are no words that can heal your pain. There is no action that can undo what has been wrongly…

    June 2, 2011
    A Nightmare Food Pyramid Journey

    The Food Pyramid: Gone and NOT missed! On June 1, 2011 I logged on to for kids and played their Blast Off Game “An interactive computer game where kids can reach Planet Power by fuelin…

    Learning Junk Food in School: Advertising to Kids
    April 28, 2011
    Learning Junk Food in School: Advertising to Kids

    Some of our children’s food choices are made at home – but as they grow, many are made in childcare or at school. We need our schools and daycare centers to be working with us, not against us in t…

    Salad Bar Project
    September 9, 2010
    Salad Bar Project

    Every Child Deserves Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: The Great American Salad Bar Project Frequently when I talk to groups about how to get their kids to enjoy food that’s good for them, I talk about t…

    Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early
    March 22, 2010
    Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Each day 3,000 kids start smoking.  One third of them will die from their addiction. Most preschool children today view smoking as an unhealthy, negative behavior.  Somewhere around the time of kind…

    Bridges to Adolescence
    March 31, 2008
    Bridges to Adolescence

    Dr. Greene's take on adolescence... When I see twelve year olds in our clinic, I still need their parents’ permission to treat them for strep throat or eczema. But parents’ permission, or even the…

    The Big Talk
    March 24, 2008
    Sexuality: The Big Talk

    We know that parents communicating with kids about sexuality can have powerful effects: on average it delays the age of first intercourse, increases the chance of contraception if they do have interco…

    Superbugs at School (and Preschool)
    October 22, 2007
    Superbugs at School (and Preschool)

    MRSA infections now kill more Americans than does HIV/AIDS, according to a CDC report in the October 17, 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association. Most of these infections are in adults over a…