February 4, 2009
    Monkey See, Monkey Do Principle of Parenting

    What are you teaching your kids? You may be shocked to realize much of your child’s behavior, whether appropriate or not, is connected to how you parent. Parenting is the toughest job you will ever …

    Temper Tantrums - When to Worry
    December 13, 2007
    Temper Tantrums – When to Worry

    Temper tantrums can be a normal and common part of early childhood, but sometimes they are a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Parents often ask me whether their child's tantrums are beyon…

    The Bedtime Pass Program
    July 11, 2007
    The Bedtime Pass Program

    For almost ten years now I’ve suggested using a simple, easy “Get Out of Bed Free Card” for those who want to help preschool and school-age children learn to happily stay in their own rooms at n…

    January 25, 2003
    Throwing Fits

    Dr. Greene's Answer: All kids go through throwing fits at some time. Those who continue are getting something out of them. It might be attention, coddling, or even just a chance to express rage. Rece…

    January 16, 2003
    Hitting and Biting

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Most kids hit or bite at some point. Those who keep it up usually feel they are getting something out of it. Either getting their way or getting attention (even negative attention…

    Get Out of Bed Free Card -- A fun way to keep kids in bed!
    September 30, 1999
    Get Out of Bed Free Card — A fun way to keep kids in bed!

    The October 1999 issue of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine reports success with giving preschool and school-age children a free pass to get out of bed once each night. Originator, cl…

    Ownership and Sharing Rules
    December 21, 1998
    Ownership and Sharing Rules

    For my children, we have three sharing rules to help teach respect: (more…)…