April 25, 1996
    Pregnancy and the Roseola Virus

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Congratulations on your new pregnancy! What an exciting (and sometimes scary) time! Thankfully, your nephew's recent illness is unlikely to pose a problem for your new baby. Roseo…

    Nursing while Pregnant
    March 3, 1996
    Nursing while Pregnant

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Nature is a fascinating interplay of cycles, large and small. A woman's menstrual cycle is both poignant and beautiful. During a brief time beginning with the conception of a chil…

    Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy
    February 26, 1996
    Dangers of Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Congratulations, Stephanie! Only 31 weeks to go! What a miracle -- a new life is forming inside you! Once a baby arrives, changing diapers is a practical way to express love. In t…

    January 29, 1996
    Pregnancy and Group B Strep

    Dr. Greene's Answer: You are describing Group B Streptococcus, a major cause of infections in newborns. Being diagnosed as a carrier of this bacteria must have been quite concerning, particularly if t…