Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence
    March 16, 2009
    Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    When I hit my 40s, I was happy, healthy and very, very busy. I was a caretaker for someone I loved. I was writing books. I took up golf, learned about scuba diving and participated in my first triathl…

    Early Puberty
    October 28, 2002
    Early Puberty: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Introduction to early puberty: When childhood is ending, it often feels like it has all gone by too fast. It’s bittersweet watching our children’s bodies change into those of young men and women. …

    The D3 Cycle
    June 27, 2001
    The D3 Cycle

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Having the belly fill up with stool is more common than most people think. The scenario is so common that I created my own name for the downward spiral that leads to it. I call it…

    Diagnosing Head Lice
    August 27, 1999
    Diagnosing Head Lice

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Lice have been a nuisance to humans since ancient times. They have thrived almost wherever humans have been in prolonged close contact with each other. One notable exception to th…

    March 25, 1999
    Breast Lumps in Boys

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Lumps of one kind or another are a common reason for a visit to the doctor's office. The lump might be in the neck (that the parents suspect is just a swollen gland), in the knee …

    Close-up of one leg of a little boy sitting on chair in green park. Coudl it be Hemihypertrophy and Hemihyperplasia?
    January 21, 1999
    Hemihypertrophy & Hemihyperplasia

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Vonda, I'm so glad you asked! Most people are not aware of this medical condition. Hemihypertrophy, also called hemihyperplasia, is a greater-than-normal asymmetry between the rig…

    July 27, 1998
    Diagnosing Pertussis

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Current lab tests to detect pertussis are either slow, cumbersome, not readily available, or often fail to pick up the disease. For this reason, the number of proven cases reporte…

    Baby looking into the camera. Does she have swollen lymph nodes?
    May 18, 1998
    Swollen Lymph Nodes: Normal, infection or malignancy?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Almost every day, Shelley, concerned parents ask me about lumps in their children's necks or scalps. Most of the time, these turn out to be normal. Occasionally, though, they are …

    January 12, 1998

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Even the unbridled energy of childhood can be squelched by a pounding migraine headache. As the pain mounts, a normally curious and active child will slow and then stop playing, b…

    Can Febrile Seizures be Prevented?
    March 10, 1997
    Can Febrile Seizures be Prevented?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Some children have seizures or convulsions when they have fevers. Although febrile seizures are fairly common, many parents have never seen one until it happens to their child. Fe…

    Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
    January 13, 1997
    Henoch-Schonlein Purpura aka HSP

    Dr. Greene's Answer: No one knows what causes it. We do know that it often follows a viral respiratory infection. It seems to be some kind of allergic reaction to the virus. It has also been seen foll…