Baby taking milk from a bottle. Formula and Constipation
    January 17, 2003
    Formula and Constipation

    Dr. Greene's Answer: First, let's address the iron in formula and constipation question. Some people will (or have) told you that the iron is the problem and that switching to a low-iron formula will…

    January 12, 2003
    Introducing Yogurt

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Nine months is okay for yogurt for most babies. Yogurt is a wonderful food. It is rich in calcium, and the active cultures have many health benefits. Kids with a strong family his…

    January 3, 2003
    Homemade Baby Food

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Baby food is a modern myth. When my father was born, almost all babies ate real food mashed up for babies. By the time I was born, almost all babies ate baby food from jars found …

    DHA and ARA Added to US Formula for the First Time
    January 11, 2002
    DHA and ARA Added to US Formula for the First Time

    January 10, 2002 saw the launch of the first and only infant formula in the US to contain DHA and ARA. I have been calling for these ingredients in US formulas here at since 1996. These n…

    Breastfeeding with a Metabolic Disorder & Propionic Acidemia
    June 12, 2001
    Breastfeeding with Propionic Acidemia or Other Metabolic Disorders

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Each meal is a matter of life and death for children with propionic acidemia. Children need protein in order to grow and thrive, but for these children extra protein is a deadly p…

    Can Infants Outgrow Milk Allergies?
    April 3, 2001
    Can Infants Outgrow Milk Allergies?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Allergies to peanuts, nuts, shellfish, or fish are usually lifelong. Thankfully, infants who are allergic to cow's milk usually do outgrow this. Many will be allergy-free by their…

    March 9, 2001
    Preventing Tooth Decay in Infants

     Dr. Greene's Answer: The bottle-feeding that comforts and nourishes your baby can also cause severe tooth decay. Most parents I talk to don't know how to care for their babies' teeth. Unlike adult c…

    Baby with a bottle. Baby Bottles and Cereal
    February 23, 2001
    Baby Bottles and Cereal

    Dr. Greene's Answer: You’ve heard about it from friends, parents, and in-laws. You’ve seen it in Internet chat rooms and discussion boards: “You’re so tired! You should put some cereal in your…

    Soy And Cow’s Milk Intolerance
    November 9, 1998
    Soy & Cow’s Milk Intolerance

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Unfortunately, some children are soy protein intolerant. As it happens, this is more common in kids who are allergic to cow's milk protein. You might try using a protein hydrolysa…