Children & Bathing - How Much Is Too Much?
    January 26, 2002
    Children & Bathing – How Much Is Too Much?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: How often children should bathe depends on their skin and hair type, and on how much their bodies have matured. Before perspiration, body odor, and oily skin begin, once or twice …

    Are Flat Feet a Cause for Concern?
    June 22, 2001
    Are Flat Feet a Cause for Concern?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: I remember a friend who was unable to join the army because of his flatfeet. At the time, I thought it was great (even though he was disappointed). I can imagine you listening to …

    Play Is Your Child’s Work!
    May 11, 2001
    Play Is Your Child’s Work!

    Our phones are ringing off the hook because Dr. Greene mentioned a great game  his family just played together. The game is Quelf  and according to Dr. Greene, "We play games as a family, and we lau…

    Thumb sucking young boy
    January 19, 2001
    Thumb Sucking

    Dr. Greene's Answer: I stood in a darkened room with two eager parents-to-be during their prenatal ultrasound. I watched their screen-lit faces at the moment they glimpsed their new baby for the very …

    Growth Chart Standards Updated
    June 2, 2000
    Growth Chart Standards Updated

    In June 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new growth chart standards. The previous infant growth charts, which have been in use since 1977, were made by measuring a …

    Why Children ask Why
    March 13, 2000
    Why Children ask “Why”

    Dr. Greene's Answer: You've asked a question I've heard over and over from parents all around the world. We love to hear the quaint expressions our kids come up with as their language skills blossom, …

    A Solid Foundation
    July 30, 1999
    A Solid Foundation

    When your children are grown, much of their long-term health will depend on what they ate as kids, nutrition experts reported at the July 1999 National Conference on Advances in Pediatric Nutrition at…

    On Her Tippy Toes
    July 27, 1999
    On Her Tippy Toes…

    A mother from Texas inquired “My 20-month-old daughter constantly walks on her tip-toes. Should I be concerned?” (more…)…

    March 25, 1999
    Breast Lumps in Boys

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Lumps of one kind or another are a common reason for a visit to the doctor's office. The lump might be in the neck (that the parents suspect is just a swollen gland), in the knee …

    April 27, 1998
    Head Banging as Normal Behavior

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Many theories have been put forward to explain this common behavior. Perhaps the rocking and even the head-banging provide a form of pleasure related to the movement. This joy in …

    Fibrous Dysplasia
    April 21, 1997
    Fibrous Dysplasia

    Dr. Greene's Answer: I commend your desire to become an expert on fibrous dysplasia. Since our health is so central to our entire experience of life, becoming knowledgeable about our health is of grea…

    Normal Growth
    January 30, 1997
    Normal Growth

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Childhood is a magical time. What is the essence of childhood? Is it wonder? Innocence? Security? . . . The essence of childhood is growth. Growth defines childhood for all specie…

    January 30, 1997
    Infant Breast Buds

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Just before a child is born, a burst of the mother’s hormones is passed to them. This is one of the finishing touches preparing their lungs to breathe air when they are born. Th…

    January 27, 1997
    Expressing Pride in Our Children

    Dr. Greene's Answer: It's clear that you are pleased with your son. My guess is, your father was pleased with you, too. Perhaps he just didn't know how to express his pride in a way that "got through.…

    A Parent’s Guide to Praise
    January 27, 1997
    A Parent’s Guide to Praise

    Taking pride in our own accomplishments or those of our children is a healthy thing. Requiring ourselves or our children to continually accomplish things is not healthy. As parents, we need to express…

    December 17, 1996
    Stuttering and Speech Disfluency

    Dr. Greene's Answer: When a child stutters, parents are often told to relax, that the stuttering or speech disfluency is a phase which will soon be outgrown, and that nothing need be done. This advice…

    September 27, 1996
    Appetite Stimulants in Underweight Children

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Oraxin may increase your child's appetite, but at great cost. Many adults want a decreased appetite. Over the years people have found that taking stimulant drugs (caffeine, amphet…

    Growing Pains
    June 20, 1996
    Could My Child Have Growing Pains?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: During childhood, the human body goes through an amazing series of changes. When babies are born their heads, hands, and feet are proportionally much larger in relation to their b…

    March 28, 1996
    Pigeon Toed

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Gravity and muscle-use patterns sculpt our bodies over time. Most children begin life with moderate in-toeing. When a child begins walking, both the femur (the large bone in the t…