Infant in bed with rash on cheeks because she has childhood eczema.
    May 8, 2018
    Childhood Eczema: Parents can make a difference!

    As an after-hours GP, I am often called to treat severe cases of childhood eczema. In some of the children I’ve seen, large areas of their skin have been affected, making daily life tough during fla…

    October 28, 2002
    Eczema: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Introduction to eczema: A rash on your baby's face might seem almost invisible to you, so shining is her beauty that lies beneath. Or you might wonder if the rash is all people see when they look at y…

    Alleviating Eczema
    February 5, 1996
    Alleviating Eczema

    Eczema is a chronic condition in which sensitive skin reacts to certain triggers, and a rash develops. The mainstays of eczema treatment are moisturizers and ever-increasing strengths of cortisone cre…