Fast-Food Fallout
    January 5, 2005
    Fast-Food Fallout

    Does stopping by a fast food restaurant a few times a week with your kids really make a difference in their health? A major long-term study has found a strong association between eating fast food more…

    January 17, 2003
    Hunger and Boredom

    Dr. Greene's Answer: The last statistic that you gave is the most telling. Where a child is charted on the BMI growth curve predicts whether there will be an obesity problem later in life much more ac…

    January 3, 2003
    Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners

    Dr. Greene's Answer: In small amounts, neither diet or regular soda is very harmful. But of course, neither has great benefits. I have no problems with sugar when it comes naturally with fiber such as…

    Sugar and Children's Diet
    January 5, 1999
    Sugar & Children’s Diet

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Children do not need to eat large amounts of sugar. In the 1800s, the average American consumed 12 pounds of sugar per year. By 1975, however, after the overwhelming success of th…

    Child in pink socks on a bathroom scale. Childhood obesity is a real problem in the US.
    June 5, 1996
    Childhood Obesity

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Obesity, or over-nutrition, is the generalized accumulation of fat both beneath the skin and throughout the body. Some children are big, or stocky, because they have large skeleta…