You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Better

You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Better

My first child was born almost 13 years ago.  I breastfed for a year, but I also used plastic baby bottles.  I didn’t shop organic, and was so proud of myself for having plastic zippered baggies for all of her little needs – snacks, wipes and pacifiers.  I traded up from my sedan to an SUV (because every time we went anywhere with her, we packed like she was a Russian princess).  I hardly thought about the impact of these actions on the environment.

Yet, the recognition that many of my happiest moments are spent outdoors began to galvanize me into taking better care of the places that I love.  Oceans, rivers, lakes, meadows, forests and mountains restore and sustain me.  This love of the outdoors is one of the things I want to share with my kids, so I set out to waste less, recycle more, become more conscious in my choices and my lifestyle.  The nice thing is, there are so many great alternatives for moms nowadays.

Plastic baby bottles have given way to glass ones.  Biodegradable diapers have been developed.  Organic baby food is widely available.  Reusable bags are nudging out plastic ones for daily use.

So now, almost 13 years later and as a result of innovation by lots of mothers (including me and my friends!), I believe that moms are getting better and I am a better mom.

If you are a mother, how do you think that you’ve improved over time?  Are you “greener” now than you were before becoming a parent?

Cristina and Kirsten

Cristina Mendoza Bourelly and Kirsten B. Quigley are the two inventors of LunchSkins reusable sandwich and snack bags. They were neighborhood friends and in 2008, they became partners on a mission to reduce plastic waste.

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