Your Biggest Weakness can Become your Greatest Strength

I have incredible confidence, but for the most part it’s incredibly quiet confidence, borne of a life spent in pain and taking every day and every accomplishment as a personal, private victory.

Only I know what I have been through, and I couldn’t describe it all to anyone even if I tried. I know I can get through anything, with patience and belief in myself and my abilities. If I doubted what I was capable of, I would not have had the experiences I have.

It is difficult for me to walk very far without my body stiffening up and causing me considerable pain. On a good day I can last about an hour and a half before this becomes a problem, and on a bad day it’s a struggle to walk a few blocks. I could quite easily decide that I can’t walk distances, and sit down and watch the world pass me by. I just decided that it’s quite okay to take lots of breaks, to sit and rest and then go again, and that walking is one of the best things for me. I have been afraid of how I would get around when my husband and I have traveled, but because I decided to just see what happens and have a patient companion, I have been to some amazing places.

Knowing your own daily struggles and acknowledging to yourself the powerful person that you are, even if it is just because you are able to get through the day, will lead to an internal strength and confidence that cannot be shaken.

I have enjoyed guest posting here on Dr. Greene’s site. I know I have spent countless hours using this site as a resource about food, sleep and more when it comes to my young son. I want to thank the Greenes for the experience, and welcome people wanting to read more about this subject matter to visit me at


Published on: March 05, 2010
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Tamara Komuniecki has been a journalist since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, major in Political Science, double minor in Philosophy and Criminology, in 1994, but she's been a storyteller her whole life. In 1994 the cameras just started rolling.

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