Why so picky???

Why so picky???

Trying to feed a picky eater is not a very fun task…I know because I do it every day…with myself! When I was little I’d go so far as to pick the grated carrots out of carrot cake…my poor mom had it rough! It’s challenging to be a picky eater and a parent who knows the importance of setting a good example when it comes to healthy eating. If you aren’t a picky eater it must be hard to understand why someone can be so difficult to feed! Let me give you some insider tips to keep in mind:

1. Texture Texture Texture: Did I mention texture?! This is a big one…try serving your picky eater fruits and veggies in different forms and textures. For example I don’t like cooked peas…but I love them raw! Texture can be one of the biggest issues for a picky eater; finding out what textures they like will be very useful information for you! Maybe they like crunchy or perhaps bumpy textures like broccoli. Every picky eater is different! So if your child turns their nose up at steamed carrots try raw slices instead or maybe grated carrots! Adding a little dip might help too!

2. Serve a New Food with a Favorite: This makes a picky eater feel comfortable knowing there is something they like on their plate. I do this with food that isn’t my favorite but I know is good for me; I can handle eating steamed cauliflower if I can mix it with rice!

3. Serve Small Portions: Trying a new food can be far less intimidating when it’s just a small bite or two. If they like the food they can always go back for more…if they don’t like it (after trying at least one bite) then at least they can feel proud to have eaten most of their portion of the new food! The goal is to create successes for your picky eater. Getting them to try one bite is worth celebrating!

4. Make it fun: Kids want to have fun its part of what makes them such great people to be around! So when you want to get your kids on board for something try making a game out of it! Look at your kitchen through the eyes of your little one and suddenly the salad spinner becomes a merry-go-round for lettuce and the sink turns into a carwash for vegetable shaped vehicles! Use mini cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes in fruits and vegetables. Keeping things light and fun will help your picky eater be more open to trying new things!

Leave a comment on the creative ways you feed your picky eater!

Kia Robertson

Kia Robertson is a mom and the creator of the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit; a tool that helps parents establish healthy eating habits by setting the goal of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day.

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