When Did You Last Feed Your Baby? There’s an App for That!

I have four children who are close together in age. As each child came along, I realized how different and unique their personalities were. Even as newborns, each child had their own needs; it was just a matter of figuring out what those needs were on our part! For example, my eldest thrived on a strict routine and any deviation from the schedule would result in a miserable few days afterward, whereas my third could take any changes in stride.

For my family to function well, we quickly realized that we needed to be very scheduled with our kids. From the time my eldest was 3 months old, we would strictly schedule all naps and bedtimes. We continued this with our subsequent children, even though I nursed each of them on demand for up to 18 months.

With our oldest, I kept a spiral notebook full of her daily schedule – wake up, breastfeed, diaper, nap, play, breastfeed, diaper, nap, etc. We went through the entire notebook! In those hazy, sleep deprived days when my husband would ask “didn’t you just nurse her?” I could hand him the notebook. And chances are, yes I just nursed her because that is what newborns love to do! Not too much else going on for them…

Of course, that was way back in the pre-iPhone days. TheiPhonemom.com has reviewed several apps that help you keep track of your baby’s schedule. Most recently, we reviewed Baby Feed Tracker Plus. With the press of a button you can record breastfeeding, bottle feed, diaper change, nap and expression (breast milk). Each mode also has an option to include notes. There are many apps in the iTunes app store to help you keep track of your little one’s daily activities. Make sure you choose one that has been updated recently (shows more app support from developers), has the features you would like, and receives good feedback.

A note about feeding reminders with any of these apps: babies, particularly newborns, don’t know they are supposed to be on the schedule provided by the app (i.e. nurse/bottle feed every 3 hours). I spent many days over the years nursing little ones every hour on the hour. This is totally normal for infants! Don’t be afraid to listen to your baby and not the clock when it comes to feeding little ones.

Published on: November 26, 2012
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