What’s Hiding In Your Baby Formula?

Genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) are in about 85% of a conventional grocery store, including the baby aisle where we find infant formula and baby food. And when GMOs have no long-term independent testing behind them, is it safe to put into baby formula? The truth is, we don’t actually know.

What do we know about GMOs?

According to most GMO evangelists, today’s GM products are the most researched and tested agricultural products in history. And Americans have been unknowingly eating them for close to twenty years now. While that may be true, there are still lots of things about GMOs we don’t know. For instance, we don’t know what happens when young children and babies consume GMOs and we don’t know what happens when people consume GMOs over a lifetime. Are they harmful to children that lack the enzymes to break down pesticides in the gut AND are they harmful to people over a lifetime of use? We simply don’t know.

Lack of Independent Studies

Most studies done on GMOs are paid for by companies profiting from biotechnology in some way. Thus they are not what I would consider independent. And when I’m talking about trusting the health of my family to someone, I’m not looking to people who are obviously biased. I want independent information from people not profiting from the outcome. Independent studies build trust and right now there is very little trust in biotechnology companies, especially since some of those same companies have not been truthful about known health problem in their products in the past. So when I hear paid spokespeople and scientists talking about the safety of GMOs, I’m not buying it–At least not for my children. It just sounds like marketing to me. And I get enough of that in commercials.

Why You Don’t See More Independent Studies

Genetically modified seeds are patented by several biotech companies, such as Monsanto. And with any patent, permission from the patent holder must be obtained before any research is done. So this means the technology can’t even be tested to assure our safety without their permission. Are they giving away permission? Not exactly. When GMOs first hit the market close to twenty years ago, independent researchers applied for the rights to study the seeds. After several were denied, a small group of scientists were given permission and then had that permission revoked. This is no secret. Scientific American covered the irony years ago as well. Seeing these facts certainly makes a logical person ask what do they have to hide?

Putting Health Of Consumers Over Profits

All of Europe has recognized that GMOs could potentially be a health and environmental hazard, and have passed laws mandating labeling to protect and warn its citizens. And their reasoning isn’t just precautionary, it’s historically prudent. Once upon a time we were told that DDT, Agent Orange and other similar chemicals were safe, and we trusted these scientists and companies. It wasn’t until many years later that the connection between these toxic chemicals and their devastating effects to the environment and our bodies was made. It took over 30 years for DDT to be banned for agricultural use.

Where are they putting GMOs?

To be blunt, they are putting them in everything. Ingredients such as corn, soy, sugar beets, cotton and canola are some of the major offenders. If you look at the ingredients of almost any processed food in a typical American pantry, you’ll find at least some form of GM ingredient. And to be even sneakier, there are over 100 hidden GMO ingredients that are in our everyday products.

Infant Formulas Contain GMOs

One place you may be disturbed to find GMOs is in baby formula. Companies such as Abbott Labratories, who makes Similac Infant Formula spend a ton of money trying to convince moms they are feeding their babies the very best. But what they aren’t telling you is the ingredients they use have not been independently tested for safety. Similac Infant formula contains GMO corn syrup solids, GMO soy protein, GMO soy oil, sucrose, and other “junk food” ingredients that have no nutritional benefits.

Do Moms Know They are Feeding Their Babies Untested Food?

Would any mom put their baby in a car seat that wasn’t safety tested? Most likely not. Then why feed them any food filled with ingredients that have not even been around long enough to definitively say whether or not they are harmful to humans? And in addition to that, why gamble with infants? Infants are the most vulnerable of us all. Are we going to buy the claims of safety that are fed to us by the very people who stand to profit from our purchases? In my opinion, trust is built through independent research, not commercials.

Actions You Can Take

We’ve asked Similac to take an abundance of caution with our future and take GMOs OUT of their infant formula products. Because when it comes to babies, is it really worth the risk? We don’t think so. You can sign our petition on Change.org here today to make a difference. And please tell all your friends that Similac contains GMOs. Let’s make better decisions when shopping for infant formula.

Published on: April 22, 2014
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